General FAQ

 • Who is Dawn's Place Ltd.?

Since 1999, Dawn's Place operates one of the most reputable adult site on the Internet, DP Dollars, formally called 'Dawn's Cash', is an affiliate program for Dawn's Place. Dawn's Place has been renovated and includes more sites of Dawn and other sites in the amateur niches.

What are your Terms and Conditions??
Please go here for a full guidelines as to the use of Dawn's Place content.

:: New Webmaster Requirements

Do I need a site (URL) before promoting DP Dollars?

Do you allow celebrity sites?

Do you accept traffic from Non-English sites?
No. Sites sending hits must be in English. No exceptions.

Do you have Cascading Billing?
Yes, We currently have Netbilling, & CCbill setup on most sites.

Can I use one account for all the websites?
You need only one account to advertise all of our sites within all of our program.

I am a previous Dawn's Cash or NATS Affiliate, do I have to change over and how do I login?
You can continue to use your CCbill program to promote Dawn's Place, though you will be limited to just the and assoicated urls, with no cascading. NATS affiliates will need to signup for the new program here.

:: DP Dollars Promotion Questions
How do I log in?
Once you sign up and submit a webmaster application, you will have access to the hosted/downloaded content and the rest of the affiliate area.

Where do I get my "linking code" to use your banners?
All the links to the banners, HPAs, FPAs, FHGs, stats and link codes will be provided within the affiliate area.

Can I load your sites in a frame?

Can I send traffic directly to the Join Page?

I cannot download the free content (zip files).
Please make sure you are not using any kind of download manager. Use a browser such as IE or Netscape. Also, if you are behind a firewall, use a pop-up blocker, or Spyware, please disable it to download content.

Can I use the free content (pics/videos) to submit to TGP sites, AVS sites, Members sites etc?
Yes and No. You may use the free content on FREE sites, as long as you are using it to promote our websites. Do not edit the images or remove the copyright information. Please only use the content that is approved by us, and NOT content that you have found on P2P networks, Newsgroups etc. which is not on the DP Dollars website is prohibited.
Members/AVS Sites Please contact us regarding using the content within members area.

:: Stats Questions

How do I check on the amount of clicks and/or sign-ups I have sent?
All stats are updated hourly and can be checked online. Just log-in to the affiliate area and see the real time stats.

  :: Pay Out Questions

How much does DP Dollars Pay?

RevShare: 50% lifetime recurring
Webmaster Refferal: 5%

When and how do I get paid?
Payouts are made on the 1st of every month for balances over $100. You can be paid by Check (Free to US affiliates - $5 for international affiliates ), US Direct Deposit ($2), and Paxum ($2).

How do I change my payment information in my profile?
Just login and edit your profile.

:: General/Trouble Shooting


I forgot my password/user ID, what should I do?
You can retrieve your password/user ID by clicking here.

  • Contacting DP Dollars
If you have a question please be sure to carefully read the FAQ above. If your question has not been answered then please email us. Please add a valid e-mail for all messages and allow 24 hours for a response.